What is 3D design?

The explosion of information in our society has reinforced the value of attention-grabbing 3D graphic design in every communcation. At the same time, technology has revolutionized the ability to create 3D effects as optical illusions. Particularly in major cities like New York, 3D art designs on a fleet of trucks create visual solution to communications problem through a print media. These designs promote corporate identity for industries, companies, interactive design firms and corporate communications departments. If it is the streets of New York or the roads of Florida, your car truck or trailer will get noticed with 3D graphics designs in high resolution for outdoor cars and trucks. Get your company noticed. We specialize in character creation and product design photos in much higher resolution, to create 3D photo-realistic designs visually indistinguishable from life.. at 600 DPI. Our designs are tailored to your specific corporate identity. Wrapping your vehicle creates an outdoor billboard that is viewed by thousands of people a year. A smart 3D design will give your company the corporate identity which will separate you from the rest.

To get your marketing goals without breaking the bank, Mobile Outdoor Billboard Advertising on your van, truck, car or trailer, is one of the best ways to promote your products or services. Much like outdoor billboard your visual is maximize when you use our 3D designs that create an impression, that viewers will remember and take notice. Outdoor advertizing has been the most cost effective way to create branding for your product and services. Client all over this country from New York to California and Canada, England, Australia and across the world, understand the impact of 3D design in outdoor advertizing, and use our design skills to promote there products and services.