What is a partial wrap?

The process of digital printing on vinyl lets us print images and photos. It is visually striking, but expensive. The process of cutting letters out of vinyl is inexpensive, but only allows us to use one color at a time.

Partial wraps are a combination of the two processes, and offers the client the best of both worlds. For example, look at the Platnym Services trailer on this page. The back of the trailer is digital printing but on the front, the logo, phone number, tagline and other text are cut vinyl applied directly onto the trailer. With a partial wrap, the 3-D illusion is still effective and the trailer is visually striking, but the cost of printing and installation is reduced by about 30-40% compared with a full wrap.

The same principle applies to other vehicles on this page like the Nissan NV 2500 for Fresh Diet. The digital printing wrap covers only the center of the van's body. The doors and the hood are not wrapped, instead vinyl cut lettering are applied on the doors and hood. Using this method you can save money and still have an effective wrap to advertise your services and get you noticed.